Canada Bridge International is a young and expanding team of Canada education consultants initially formed by a family that migrated to Canada and went through the challenges of finding and placing their children for higher education. Having overcome the challenges, their children are now well settled and actively contributing to society as responsible citizens. They have been sharing their experience and supporting aspiring students and parents for over a decade. The time has come to formally open an organization that best serves the interest of the foreign students without causing monetary stress and strain. Our commitment to providing students with the best, most trustworthy guidance for making what may be the biggest decision of their lives remains very strong. We are particularly interested in helping students to make quality educational choices through our knowledge, experience, and facts-driven research process. We are dedicated to enabling aspiring students to make informed decisions on their path to academic success. We help students to recognize their individual needs, and provide them with the information they require to match themselves with an institution that will polish their skills and help them grow as professionals. Our regional experience, knowledge, and focused approach helps students select the right college, university, subjects, and topics in higher education, based on their educational aspirations and financial situation. We strongly believe that this commitment will stand on its own value and serve to make our brand a top competitor. All our agents are CCEA (Canada Course for Education Agents) certified, and you can find us listed as an authorized agent for ICEF (International Consultant for Education and Fairs) https://pierapps.com

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